Why call it a dead line? Surely nothing is meant to die as you approach a consequence governed by a set time limit. From here onwards, I will be introducing a new word. Alivelines. Take note – if ‘selfie’ can make it into the Oxford dictionary then so can alivelines.


On Friday I met up with the team at Trident Sensors who showed me the good progress they are making with the submersible project, so much so that we have set alivelines for the last stages of the project.


January – find and incorporate pressure sensor (this being the metaphor for the last remaining piece of the jigsaw puzzle that you’ve been looking for all day long and then find it under your chair, whilst now riddled with guilt after aiming a healthy dose of expletives at the dog on suspicion that he ate it).


February/March – Finish submersible and do a test dive – potentially a very exciting venue to be confirmed, where everyone and anyone can get involved.


April – Fly to Puerto Rico and launch submersible during mid-april, on the 2 year anniversary of the project being set.


In other news, I’ve got a very promising, intelligent team of friends living out in Puerto Rico who are representing the JoshingTalk Submersible project with pride and are close to helping me confirm a Captain, crew and boat for the mission. Thanks guys!!


Alivelines set.
And anyway, alivelines has a much more positive ring to it, especially for this time of the year! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all!


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