Surely not? 3 weeks!? I’ve worked on this project for nearly 2 years and now it’s only 3 weeks away?


Thanks are in order as below I will announce the team who will be accommodating, boating and looking after me out there….


So on the morning of April 13th I will land in Puerto Rico with my cameraman George, submersible safely tucked into its flight case and high hopes for what lies ahead. However, the travel doesn’t stop there. The project has taken a new direction and we will both be jumping on another plane, a small 8 seater and flown half an hour away to the island of Culebra.


Culebra sits just east of Puerto Rico and has a population of just under 2,000 people residing in a summertime paradise year round. Of those 2,000 or so people, I’ve been very fortunate to meet a few of them (online) and they have placed the last jigsaw pieces into the submersible puzzle.


Captain Mike of Schooner Russamee & Culebra Sailing is the captain of the seas for this project and welcomes us on board his beautiful eco-built, classic wooden schooner sailboat. The boat that will take us to the spot where thousands upon thousands of metres of the unknown lies beneath and where a football sized glass sphere will be dropped to explore and capture the story. Over a few days, the boat will accommodate us and Captain Mike will assist us with the launch based on his superior knowledge of the way of the waves. Just look at this boat….incredible.



Susan and Paul Moran are the owners of Palmetto Guesthouse, a Caribbean style home nestled in the already picturesque island and they have welcomed us into their home to use as base for the week (when we’re not on the boat). A place where I’m able to update you all virtually and share with you the exciting news as the project develops. Maybe even post a picture or two like this one….



Another thanks goes to Justin, Jojo and their children for acting as the communications team between England and Culebra! They’ve been superb in sourcing people, offering advice and making me feel at home before I’ve even set foot on the island and have really given me a big helping hand in getting the project this far.


So, flights, boat, accommodation – check, submersible – check (post coming soon!), cameraman – check, seasickness pills – check (thanks Mum!), footage of the bottom of the Ocean? Give it 3 weeks or so….


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