Like any good project, the unexpected makes the story worthwhile. And this week a rather interesting twist threw me into the deep end!


I had arranged the last of the finest details before receiving a call from Trident Sensors who explained to me that yes they had finished building the submersible but no it wasn’t 100% ready for the mission and another conflicting order with a client just had to be given priority. One of the perils of JoshingTalk Projects is that when collaborating with a business with no exchange of money, it often puts you on the back seat when someone else digs deep into their pocket.


But this isn’t a peril. Not at all. This is seen as a challenge and part of being an entrepreneur is dealing with it positively. Thankfully, I had built some great relationships with everyone involved in the project and they supported me before and after I made my decision.


So I had a choice. Either head out on the original dates, everything in place but submersible not quite ready for the mission OR push the dates back slightly, have to re-arrange all the logistics but have the submersible stand a better chance in the Ocean.


I didn’t panic. I knew my options and I knew what my instinct tells me is more than often the right choice. So there and then I took a chance on gambling with pushing the dates back, hoping the logistics would work out and that you, my readers, would forgive me for getting you all excited for nothing….


After a couple of days of back and forth and around the world I managed to sort it out and everyone shifted their timetables to fit with mine. Now I can reveal that the new launch date for the project is the 9th May – just over a month away!

Trident are happy with the new time frame, the cameraman is safe again after playing date roulette with his boss, the travel agent won’t have to worry about receiving yet another phone call from me….now all I need to do is plead for your forgiveness….



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