logo-200pxA huge round of applause and a great big hug goes to 3D Print UK!
Although technically we already had the part, it just wasn’t up for the job in our testing and we had another panicky moment, which led to me searching the Internet for the friendliest bunch of 3D printing people and asking if they’d like to help out on my project.


I spoke to 3D Print UK on the phone and they were so fired up by the project that they couldn’t say yes enough times! Very willing to help out, extremely friendly and I have a feeling that we’ll be collaborating a lot more in future projects….


Thanks to them for saving the day and printing out the plastic board that will hold all the data that the submersible captures and contain the unit that commands the weight to drop off at the bottom of the Ocean and have the sub float back to the top before then asking the GPS to send me co-ordinates of the sub location….


V.I.P – Very Important Plastic


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