Whilst I feel like I’ve just about recovered from the mental and physical excitement of the project, I am still pushing along because well, the project is not complete until you guys know the score!


I’ve spent the last week editing the video and have managed to squash 2 years of hard work into around about 5 minutes of footage. It’s coming along really nicely and the fact that the whole trip didn’t go entirely to plan has given me more ammunition to turn into entertainment for your viewing pleasure.


I’ve also talked to Trident Sensors who have been busy analysing the data sent back from the submersible and they have announced a confident conclusion of the depth they feel the submersible reached. Here’s a hint – it ends in 3 noughts!


So where’s the submersible? Well hopefully, it’ll be well on its way to the coast of somewhere near the Dominican Republic and Trident Sensors even managed to figure out that it would take around 3 weeks for it to be washed up! All our ‘If Found’ information is on the submersible so hopefully it’ll fall into some decent hands and find its way back to the UK. This time via aviation transport.


Last week I headed up to the Virgin HQ to show them a sneaky peek of the project video and they can’t wait to see the finished edit!
Overall, I’m really happy and relieved the project turned out to be as successful as it was. It just hasn’t sunk in. Literally.


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