With the trailer released, I moved on to thinking about how I can launch the final video for the submersible. And as things come together and they fall into place, it sometimes feels like it’s just meant to be. The final video will be launched in an incredible culmination of all my projects so far.


At the world famous Strand Gallery in London from the 16th July to the 20th, I will have my very own exhibition across the whole gallery of all my projects! From the Taylor Made Space Balloon and the JoshingTalk Space Art right up to the premiere of the Submersible video. Anyone is welcome to walk in to the gallery from the 17th July and see the exhibition and so I hope that you are able to find the time to do so! The actual video will be privately screened for the press and a select few special guests on the evening of the 16th and it will appear online the following day for you to watch.


So how did this all come about?
In a true culmination of all my projects, I had always wanted the JoshingTalk Space Art to be exhibited in a gallery to inspire others. Then I found an opportunity to try and make that happen. On June 29th (another date for your diary!) at 7pm on Channel 4  a date TBC due to the World Cup, switch on the TV and you’ll be able to watch me on the programme Four Rooms with the Space Art in hand!


So to summarise:


June 29th, 7pm, Channel 4. TBC due to World Cup. Watch me on TV try and persuade the country’s leading dealers to buy the JoshingTalk Space Art!


July 17th. Final submersible video launched online! Exclusive launch on the 16th at the Strand Gallery.


July 17th to 20th. I welcome you to the Strand Gallery in London to see up close and personal all the JoshingTalk Projects over the last few years.


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