I’m often asked what motivated me to make my projects happen. How did I achieve them all without any funds to start them or even know how to do them? How did I turn my hobby into a business? How did I get the confidence to pick up the phone and talk to strangers? How did I find the time, the money, the knowledge etc.


Well my answer has always been a simple one. I just put one foot in front of the other and found a way forward.  I was very lucky to find the mentoring and support I needed whenever I needed a boost or inspiration from people who had more experience than me.


It’s three years since I got my first free mentoring session with Trudy Thompson the Founder of Bricks and Bread Business Incubator and the help I have had has been invaluable.  Once I was up and running with my JoshingTalk projects I decided to give my time to help other people who approach the incubator for support.  This has led to me working alongside Trudy and earlier this year we launched our joint venture, a retreat for entrepreneurs in Cornwall.


We now work from a 15th Century Cornish farmhouse and have turned it into an inspiring and motivational haven where people can turn their life around with coaching from real, experienced, ‘get on and just do it’ entrepreneurs.  It’s a wonderful place to work and we meet fascinating people who arrive here looking for solutions and leave with a fresh perspective and a new direction.


Trudy and I share the methods that really work for us when we want to get a new project off the ground. Our coaching isn’t just for entrepreneurs, it also works well for people who want to change their beliefs and generally live a happier life.


We work with you. As a person. And we unlock your potential so you teach yourself and you create the solutions to changing your game.


If you want to turn your life around or launch your own business venture, you can either book yourself in for a free advice session for a conversation about funding and mentoring or join me at our retreat for entrepreneurs and have a holiday that really makes a difference to your life.

Take a look around our retreat below:




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