Josh has been a public speaker for over 5 years leading fascinating talks at exhibitions, conferences, schools, after dinner speeches and keynotes to audiences of all sizes. Talk topics include entrepreneurship, motivational talks, innovation & creativity, adventure, technology & STEM.

About Josh

Josh Taylor is a groundbreaking social entrepreneur with remarkable achievements under his belt. With endorsements from the likes of Sir Richard Branson, every venture Josh has taken on has led to him collaborating with influential business leaders and creating incredible opportunities. Starting out leading a very ordinary life in a rural Surrey village Josh now delights in sharing his compelling experiences with audiences around the world.

Acknowledged by The Huffington Post as one of ‘15 Young People Changing the World’, the stage for Josh’s entrepreneurial spirit was set back in 2011. With empty pockets, he decided the only way forward was to capture the curvature of the Earth on film from a DIY weather balloon at 118,000 feet in near Space. The resulting video went viral online and became headline news in the media.

Josh went on to conceptualise the notion of Space Art: a project to send a blank canvas and tubes of special paint to near Space, allowing Mother Nature to draw up some magic. The resulting painting was featured on Channel 4’s Four Rooms and Josh was given the opportunity to put on an exhibition of the art work and his other projects at a top London art gallery name it .

Enticed by a twitter conversation about Josh’s projects, Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group personally issued him the challenge to see how far under the ocean he could explore: ever ambitious, he also became the first person in history to send an amateur submersible to the bottom of the Milwaukee Deep in the Puerto Rican Trench (the deepest trench in the Atlantic Ocean!).

In between speaking engagements and running his businesses, Josh is a contributor and blogger on The Huffington Post and guest blogger for notable sites such as

Fighting against the odds has carved a fascinating path for Josh so far. The many up and downs and unique experiences has given him stories, ideas and methods that he speaks about with passion and connection. He assures people that ambitions can be achieved by all walks of life. Besides, ambition was all he ever had when he began his journey into the world of entrepreneurialism.

Josh Taylor