Sorry about the lack of news but wi fi is tricky out here! Submersible built on deck and we had […]
So far the project has seen some great PR across the Internet and in magazines. There’s an article here in […]
A huge round of applause and a great big hug goes to 3D Print UK! Although technically we already had […]
And breathe. When every hour feels like a day, every minute feels like an hour and every second that ticks […]
Like any good project, the unexpected makes the story worthwhile. And this week a rather interesting twist threw me into […]
Surely not? 3 weeks!? I’ve worked on this project for nearly 2 years and now it’s only 3 weeks away? […]
It’s mysteriously quiet as everything pulls together and my focus zeroes in to what lies ahead…. ….I am hard at […]
Time for a quick update (a lot has been going on since the New Year started!) and I’m happy to […]
Why call it a dead line? Surely nothing is meant to die as you approach a consequence governed by a […]
Welcome to the brand new look for the JoshingTalk website!   You’ll see I’ve been making plenty of changes across […]