The moral of this project is fast becoming these words – ‘if you want to build a submersible that will […]
I love getting letters! Such an intimate form of communication in this day and age, that you know it was […]
No it’s not the title of my first book. How cliche would that be!? It’s merely a step back to […]
I’ve always enjoyed a game of football and have played it competitively since I learnt to walk. So a few […]
Thanks to all the donations coming in to help fund the submersible project! I’ve been down the beach again and […]
Just a quick one this week to say thanks for all the donations from everyone so far!! I’ve got to […]
Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! I raised my first £100 and so off to the beach I […]
The suspiciously quiet atmosphere over the last 2 weeks here at JoshingTalk has been lifted. This is your chance to […]
To make up for missing last weeks blog post, I bring you an exclusive video (cut from the documentary we […]
This week we got the cameras out and a friend of mine came round to start documenting the JoshingTalk Submersible […]