It happened. I was sore. But I made it. Evidence below.  
I thought I’d let you know what I’m up to this Monday. I’m attempting to cycle from London to Brighton […]
Last week, I had an email from the people at Papernomad asking if I’d like to try out one of […]
A little blast from the past almost as this week I celebrate the JoshingTalk Space Art finally being framed! Lyn […]
Tuesday this week took Trident Sensors and I down to the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton for the Ocean Business […]
Time moves at the same pace for everyone….apart from this week, I swear it decided to speed up a few […]
This week saw a couple of interviews from a few months ago turn into articles of today. Seems my projects […]
In my quest to meet more and more people, I made a connection (once again) through Twitter with a chap […]
This week brought a lot of new insights into the JoshingTalk Submersible project, however I wanted to tell you about […]
EDIT: The Google Hangout is now open to any young entrepreneurs that want to network or chat with others in […]