Finally! You may recall a blog post over 6 months ago stating that the Space Art was due to appear […]
Two major happenings are occurring next week for JoshingTalk. One of which is the final submersible video being launched (17th, […]
A little blast from the past almost as this week I celebrate the JoshingTalk Space Art finally being framed! Lyn […]
A mid-week blog post to announce that you can get hold of a limited edition Space Art print from the last project. […]
With such big anticipation at the outcome of JoshingTalk Space Art (JTSA) and a whole host of people to help […]
Reaching an astonishing 100 thousand 810 hundred feet near Space, whilst simultaneously creating a world-first work of art by all […]
To all of you who are eagerly awaiting the story behind the success of JoshingTalk Space Art, I feel your […]
JTSA is a success! Vid/pics to come soon! 🙂
Halfway there. Balloon near bursting point! Fingers crossed. 🙂
We have lift off. In transit now! Sorry for lack of live stream. Technology still too slow…. Keep refrshing the […]