Two major happenings are occurring next week for JoshingTalk. One of which is the final submersible video being launched (17th, […]
Below you will find the video of the story of our ‘Taylor Made Space Balloon’ following it up to 118, […]
The following story I’m about to explain is not only based on true events, but it could quite possibly be […]
Everyone tune in to this link NOW and hopefully you'll be connected with the live launch of our Taylor Made […]
Saturday 1st October 2011, tune in LIVE between the hours of 11am and 2pm GMT!!Sign up to my blog and […]
Today, we tested out the payload under freezing conditions over the period of 2 hours. All devices were running as […]
YES! We have launch dates CONFIRMED! You never thought we’d get round to it….and well, if I’m honest, I didn’t […]
The building of the project is upon us!I started by cutting out rough measurements of aluminium foil and placing it […]
Camcorders- to capture and record footage of the flight. The Creative Vado HD is the camera of choice for my […]
Parachute- deployed to slow down the descent of the payload as it travels back down to Earth. Here is the […]