As the wait continues to see if Sir Richard will accept my proposal, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had been made Pioneer of the Week by the team at Virgin Media Pioneers. See here:

What a privilege it is to be recognised by them and I thank all those people who have supported me and the proposal since the moment it went live!
The Virgin Media Pioneers website is actually extremely useful. Time and time again I hear people telling me how they ‘can’t find any like-minded people’ or ‘can’t find the space to work in’ or to ‘get a haircut’ but now I can direct them towards the pioneers and they will welcome them with open arms.

From young talent to old (and wise) talent, they cater for those looking for advice, opinions and facts in the business world. Collaboration is the key to advancing and progressing your business ideas so there is no reason why at least one pioneer might be able to prompt a step in the right direction for the path you are carving. Come and join in the fun!

I’ve made a few links edging closer to having Sir Richard see the proposal (as above) but still need your help wherever possible. If you’re on Twitter, click here to play your part.
It takes 2 seconds!

Thanks. 🙂


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