YES! We have launch dates CONFIRMED!

You never thought we’d get round to it….and well, if I’m honest, I didn’t either!

But we have and we are proud to announce that, weather permitting*, we will be launching the balloon on either the 1st of October or the 2nd of October this year. A little over 14 days….around 338 hours….30325 minutes….you get the idea.

We have confirmed the launch site as Cambridge, UK. This is unfortunately a few hours drive for us but it suits us just fine as there are no permission or insurance issues to worry about.

* Weather permitting….if the sun is shining and the winds are low, we will have the all clear signal. However, we have to remind ourselves that this is England. If for any obscure reason, the weather is not perfect, we will have to postpone the launch until we have a clear day. Best not to think about that just yet.

So now we have a busy rush to get everything finished. I have some more pictures ready to upload and we will shortly be revealing the other unique modification being used in the project.
The payload is looking good and everything seems to now be going too fast.

Things to remember for the day:

Charge the battery.
Turn the tracker on.
Press record.
Pray for a safe retrieval.


You did press record didn’t you?….


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