The building of the project is upon us!
I started by cutting out rough measurements of aluminium foil and placing it on the inside walls on the payload. This will help reflect the heat that is given out during the flight, maintaining a warm temperature.

Our next step was to measure, on the bottom of the payload, the position for the first camera. This camera will also contain one of the unique modifications, so we had to keep that in mind before the next step.

This next step was cutting out the hole in order to make a place for the camera.
After cutting it out, we realised that the payload was far too thick to compensate for the unique modification. To overcome this, we sliced it through the middle.

Now we are left with the foam cut-out to hold the camera. It is placed back into the payload and will eventually be secured with something like our old friend- gaffer tape!

It is now ready for the camera (arriving this week hopefully!) and it will be tested along with the unique modification to ensure it all works in the desired way.

We then poked holes through the payload on each wall for the string that attaches the payload to the parachute.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get pictures of the other unique modification- the gymbal based mod. A brief explanation should make this clearer.
It will be positioned slightly above the payload, using plastic rods to support it. It will be made up of a polystyrene ball with a window cut out for the camera. The camera is placed in the middle of the ball, atop the design and motor.
The motor and camera is complete and ready to be positioned within the polystyrene ball. I hope to have pictures of this in the next post.

It finally feels like we are getting somewhere now.
The payload is being defined into its launch state and we have confirmed a launch site and helium for the balloon. Once built, we can arrange a date and launch, providing the weather holds up long enough! Fingers crossed for the end of this month!
To finish the build, we need to secure the components into place, build a shelf for our GPS, hand warmer and other devices and then build the payload so that it’s attached to the parachute and the balloon. We then can finish the outside of the payload with our sponsors and fundraisers list.

Eager to launch now!

As we’re only at the beginning of the design and build process, we may encounter problems or decide to change the design based on other factors. We’ll try to keep everyone updated on the changes and will explain why we have done so.
Please leave a comment or if I have missed any vital information, let me know and I’ll edit it!

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