A BIG thank you to everyone who has helped me out in my Challenge Me, Sir Richard Branson campaign so far. A buzz has been created and now the key is to let it reverberate until Richard notices it. Click here for more!

*This post was delayed slightly due to me wearing my white shirt (also my girlfriend’s favourite) whilst playing with paint….the rest is history.*
The post today will contain pictures of a very amateur quality. Perfect for my blog.
You may have seen my tweet the other day showing a picture of a box filled with plastic snow (guilty pleasure) and ReAgent’s branded tape poking out.
Inside the box came a couple of bottles filled with suspicious looking fluids (you’ll find out what they really are soon) and a couple of pipettes….

During the beginning of the week, I had also popped down to the local art shop and after browsing around for a while, pretending to know what to look for, I plucked up the courage to talk to the staff about the project.
I don’t often make people speechless but apparently describing this space art project to someone elicits that precise reaction.
I often break that air of awkwardness by asking whether another customer had just co-incidentally asked them the same thing or by blankly accepting their subdued and incoherent mumblings of….amazement? Yes. I’ll call it amazement.
Anyway I bought some materials, which I found frustratingly hard to photograph so instead below you will see the results of what came naturally to a grown up person with fluids in one hand and a canvas in another….(click the picture to make it bigger)

Left: Canvas board results.
Middle: Polystyrene board results.
Right: Pastel board results.

I have not gone insane.  Don’t worry- this is all part of the build up and research in order to make JTSA as big a success as possible! Calculated risks are being done and this is it in action. You should now be able to start piecing together the posts and making a good guess at the final outcome!


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