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Following on from last week, I bring you the all seeing eye that should capture the creation of art at around 100,000 feet.
Another email, another sponsor and what a team this is! Chumming up with 1080 Sport of, they got on board and helped me out by providing me with the latest GoPro HD Hero 2.
GoPro have the reputation of being the cameras to have for all those times and places where you need a different perspective. It’s a camera designed to pull you into the action, making you feel like you’re right there (yes, you will feel like you’re floating at 100,000 feet).
I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of these for ages and I’m doubly impressed with it now that I have.
It’s not just any old camera….
– It can film at high definition 1920×1080 resolution at 30 frames per second.
– Thanks to its fish-eye lens, it captures a whopping 170º wide field of view.
– An 11 mega pixel shot of gorgeous image.
– Practicality, portability, programmability and perfectibility.

That’s just a selection of statistics….it’s extremely hard to sum up how good it is in a blog post, so I’ve put together a small test video in different situations (some good, some not so good) over the last couple of days….:

Watch this at 720p HD quality for best results!
Even more juice!

It’s just what I need for this project and I also got my hands on a BacPac allowing for extra battery power for longer filming times.
It’s great to be able to team up with small businesses such as 1080 Sport, in order to bring people together in a project. A lot can be gained from it for both the sponsors and I including promotion, advertising and some bloody good fun!
It’s worth climbing a tree for (see video)– that’s for sure.

Please have a look around 1080 Sport’s website as there is bound to be something you like if you are into extreme sports focusing especially on kiting activities!
You can also follow 1080 Sport on Facebook or Twitter.


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