Odd one out

Date: Wednesday 11th July 2012        Location: Farnborough
Weather Forecast: Thundery showers for most of the day

The sun shone through the window this morning as I woke up early to make time for a pre-planned stop at Primark to buy an umbrella. Not that I would end up using it for long.

I met Ed (the mate who helped me with TMSB) on the train and we both immediately felt out of place standing in between a Vice President of an electronics company and a Head Scientist of a University. Not even small talk would suffice but luckily we were standing at the entrance to the airshow in no time.

The place is HUGE. Full of trade stalls, chalets for VIP’s and gorgeous girls* handing out freebies. But none of this distracted me….for too long.
I headed straight to the Virgin Galactic tent and came to a sharp halt when a couple of bouncers asked for my invitation pass.
Well it would have been just too easy if I could stroll right up to Richard and say hi so I figured we should spend the time having a look round and chatting to the many different nationalities and personalities that attended the show.
During lunch, we went back to the Virgin Galactic tent and lo and behold, it was interview time for Richard. Ushered around by his personal assistants, I managed a quick chat with them but nothing came of it. With Richard within touching distance of me, I went to shout at the top of my voice ‘RICHARD! OI-COME HERE!’. Thankfully, my mouth remained closed and my dignity stayed intact. It was hard being so close without a result, but I’m confident that not too far down the line, we will meet and have time to chat properly.

He’s around here somewhere….

After a stunning air display by various machines, we headed back. I’m almost certain I heard the cries of Sir Richard, begging for me to say hi and catch up with him but then they faded away. It seems he must have been distracted by something *.

All in good time.

Virgin Galactic


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