The payload is starting to look almost Space ready, sticking on all sorts of names and companies who have helped me out with the project. The building process seems to happen on a ‘when you’ve got 5 minutes free’ basis but collectively it allows me to do a little work, admire it and then move on to something else. When I come back to it, I do a little more until eventually I either get completely stuck or it’s ready for launch.

As you can see, the canvas has been strung up to mimic how it should eventually look. On the underside of the payload, there is the GoPro peeking out onto the canvas and, thanks to testing, it’s wide angle lens gives enough room around the canvas for that coveted curvature of the Earth shot.

I also got the solutions from ReAgent so I’m fiddling around with some tubing and pipetteptiteepipete thingys that will allow the solution to drip onto the canvas. What follows will be some experimentation with the new inks and if all goes well and spotless, I should be able to bring you another mid-week post.
If however, the ink happens upon my clothing, flat or, heaven forbid, anything my girlfriend possesses, then you might have to wait until next week.

If you haven’t heard from me by then, please alert someone. Quickly.


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