The solutions made up by ReAgent have finally arrived and allowed me to rig up the payload and sort out the potential launch dates. August is really starting to feel like it could be a good month for progression so depending on the weather, stand by for the launch of JoshingTalk Space Art!!
We decided that the solutions needed significance and a true meaning behind the colours being used. So with that in mind, each colour represents an aspect of nature and the amount used in the payload will represent the Earth as seen from Space.

Pretty cool stuff! Now the solutions will be placed in Mother Nature’s hands, so let’s hope she has her artistic talents brimming with enthusiasm.

Josh’s Tips & Tricks (and often comical) Corner

In this little section, I’m going to show you how to make that horribly bendy clear PVC piping straight(ish)! Now it might not be the most scientifically advanced method and maybe my risk assessment function was taking a short break from it’s constant schedule but it worked:

1. Get bendy PVC piping from local DIY store. It should be down the aisle by the 3 whistling men with specks of paint on their trousers/face.

2. Turn on standard kitchen iron and wait until very hot. *I am not responsible if you are injured in any way, shape or form.*

3. Carefully iron tubing on all sides for 5 to 10 seconds with a pressing motion and leave to cool down.

4. Voila! Straight(ish) PVC piping for everyone.


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